Chapter XII Delight of Existence – The Solution

Study Notes

Paragraph 1-5

Study Notes Chapter XII Delight of Existence: The Solution   The name of That is the Delight; as the Delight we must worship and seek after It. Kena Upanishad IV.6

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Paragraph 6-8

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 6 Again if we look at World-Existence rather in its relation to the self-delight of eternally existent being, we may regard, describe and realise it as Lila,

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Paragraph 9-11

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 9      In our ordinary life this truth is hidden from us or only dimly glimpsed at times or imperfectly held and conceived. But if we

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Paragraph 12 – 13

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 12      In regard to physical pleasure and pain, it is more difficult to apply the universal truth; for this is the very domain of the

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Paragraph 14

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 14      This elimination is possible because pain and pleasure themselves are currents, one imperfect, the other perverse, but still currents of the delight of existence.

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Paragraph 15 – 16

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 15      Since the nature of suffering is a failure of the conscious force in us to meet the shocks of existence and a consequent shrinking

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All our surface sensations are a positive, negative or neutral play of the underlying delight of existence like waves and foamings of infinite deep ocean. The true solution to the

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