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 Supermind is the principle of active Will and Knowledge. It is the intermediary power between Sachchidananda, the One and the ever changing Many of the created world. The supreme ideal

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Paragraph 1 – 3

Study Notes All things are self-deployings of the Divine Knowledge. Vishnu Purana.1 EXPLANATION The reality is One. The Universe which is the manifestation of this Reality is the Many. But

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Paragraph 4 – 6

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 4      And first we may pause a moment and ask ourselves whether no light can be found from the past which will guide us towards

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Paragraph 7

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 7      We see at once that such a consciousness, described by such characteristics, must be an intermediate formulation which refers back to a term above

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Paragraph 8 – 11

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 8      Above, the formula of the One eternally stable and immutable; below, the formula of the Many which, eternally mutable, seeks but hardly finds in

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Paragraph 12 – 13

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 12      On the other hand, the unitarian consciousness or indivisible Unity cannot be that impossible entity, a thing without contents out of which all contents

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Paragraph 14 – 15

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 14      Thus the whole process of differentiation by the Real-Idea creative of the universe is a putting forward of principles, forces, forms which contain for

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Paragraph 16 – 19

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 16      In Supermind being, consciousness of knowledge and consciousness of will are not divided as they seem to be in our mental operations; they are

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