•  Supermind is the principle of active Will and Knowledge. It is the intermediary power between Sachchidananda, the One and the ever changing Many of the created world. The supreme ideal of our evolving human consciousness is to dwell there permanently.
  • Human intellect may doubt the workings of Supermind. Because, there is an apparent contradiction between the working of human mind and the divine super mind in both essence and operation. Yet it would be possible to relate this Supermind to our human ideas because it has relation with the mind and has an identity with the mental being.
  • Mind is a limitation by development of Supermind. Mind must be identical with Supermind is essence and conceals in itself the potentiality of Supermind though in actuality it may differ. Therefore, it would be quite a rational and useful attempt to understand the workings of Supermind by comparison and contrast from the stand point of our intellectual knowledge.
  • The word Supermind is ambiguous and should not be mistaken for a superior status of mind. A more accurate subsidiary description is required which will be limiting its significance. We can understand from the Vedic messages that Supermind is a vastness (Brhat), Truth of being (Satyam), which is regulating the right activity (Ritam). As per the Vedic description, the divine Nature- Supermind has a double power. Power of self-formulation and self-arrangement which comes from the essence (truth)of the thing manifested and a self-force of light which is the source of its self-arrangement.
  • Vedic rishis talk of two other primary faculties of the “truth conscious” soul. Truth-vision and Truth-audition. Vedic clue makes a distinction between two kinds of knowledge of Supermind. One is a subjective knowledge by identity. This is obtained by a comprehending and pervading consciousness. The other is by an apprehending consciousness with Multiplicity is the basis of knowledge.Based on this we can choose a subsidiary term, Truth-Consciousness for Supermind.
  • The term above Truth-Consciousness is pure Sat-chit-ananda- consciousness of indivisible Oneness. The term below is the consciousness of Mind characterised by its dividing and analytical nature. By the power of its comprehending knowledge, as the child of Brahman, Truth-consciousness sees the Oneness in Many. In apprehending knowledge, as a parent of Mind, it sees only the many aspect, the oneness is left behind.
  • Above the Truth-Consciousness there is formula of the One, eternally stable, below It, is the formula of the Many, eternally mutable. Truth-consciousness which is in between is the seat of triune consciousness- Sat, Chit and Ananda. Supermind is the starting point and the end of all creation and arrangement. It manifests the Many without being lost in their division.
  • Sachchidananda represents the One, the Unity. There cannot be any distinction between Sat, chit and Ananda. One may argue that world is not possible because Sachchidananda cannot permit any division of itself. On the other hand, Mind cannot grasp such concepts as unity and absolute infinity. Hence, It cannot think of unity without abolishing itself, denying its very own existence.
  • Both the views are incorrect. The difficulty of Mind disappears once we understand that Mind is only a preparatory stage of our consciousness. It does not possess the essential and wholistic knowledge. Man, being at his summit of his mental consciousness, his present state can be a jumping-board for making a leap to higher consciousness. Mind is a passage, not a culmination.
  • The consciousness of Oneness is an indivisible unity and not an emptiness as Buddhists say. It is an original self-concentration in which everything is contained. Also, it is not an only indistinguishable Reality, all else being Maya, as the Transcendentalist imagines. Firstly, the Vedanta says there was the one Existence without a second. Secondly, there was diffusion – the One Existence becoming the Many. Thirdly the One Existence extends itself in Truth-Consciousness which maintains the Oneness even in the Many.
  • Supermind is the intermediary between the Sat-chit-ananda and the manifested world. It is the self-extension of the Brahman. It differentiates Sat-chit-ananda but does not divide. Supermind manifests and develops the three aspects of Sat-chit-ananda out of the indivisible One maintaining the underlying unity.
  • The whole of creation is a movement between two involutions. One involution is the Spirit in which all is involved. From Spirit all evolves downwards to the other end of Matter. The other is the Matter in which also all is involved. From Matter all evolve into the other end Spirit. And the agent in between is the Supermind.
  • The Supermind – the Real-Idea is the creator of the universe. It creates the universe by the process of differentiation -meaning creating many out of one, without excluding the many from the one. Therefore, all is in each and each is in all. Each seed of things contains in itself infinite possibilities. Yet each obeys the law and Will of the Knowledge-Force of the Conscious-Being.
  • It is the Supermind which determines the law and the Will of the Knowledge-Force. There is a law and a guiding force behind each creation in the universe. All Nature is simply the Seer-Will. All Nature evolves in force and form the knowledge of Truth-consciousness which is involved in each form.
  • The Truth-consciousness is based on the Idea. Whereas the mental consciousness is based on thought. We consider thought separate from existence, abstract and different from reality. Mind has made the division between thought and reality. Our conception of the universe and our thinking are two separate things.
  • In Supermind there is no distinction between Being (Sat) and Consciousness (Chit). All being is consciousness. All consciousness is of Being. Supermind contains in itself the Idea which is a vibration of consciousness containing in itself all possibilities. This ‘Idea’ that comes out is a reality. This idea evolves itself by its own power and consciousness. This is the truth of all creation, of all evolution.
  • In our mental operations, our thinking, our being, our actions, our knowledge are divided. Whereas in Supermind, being (Sat), consciousness of knowledge (Chit), consciousness of will (chit-shakti) are not separated. They are three-in-one. Idea is only the light of the reality illumining itself. It is effective self-awareness.
  • In Supermind, the Idea, the knowledge, the will and the being, all are one, not separate from each other. Like a power of burning light is not different from the substance of the fire, the power of the Idea is not different from the substance of the Being. In contrast, we have a mental idea which is detached from the will. Both will and idea are separate from us.
  • In Supermind there is no division. Knowledge is not self-divided. Force is not self-divided. In Supermind the being is not divided. Vastness is the feature of Supermind. It starts with unity (Sachchidananda), not division. Primarily it is comprehensive – meaning, an all-inclusive Oneness. Differentiation is the secondary act.
  • In Supermind the idea represents the truth of the being. Idea corresponds to the will-force to the idea. Force is the power of consciousness. There is no clash of wills and ideas. There is one vast Will which contains all energies in itself. There is no clash between one force with the other.
  • We regard the Divine Being omnipresent (present everywhere), omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipotent (all-powerful). It is the nature of the Supermind that gives justifications to our notions about the Divine. Such notions about the divine are perfectly rational. They are in perfect line both with the comprehensive philosophies and with the experience and the observations witnessed by yogis and saints. The error comes when we make an unbridgeable gap between God and Man, Brahman and the world.
  • To sum it up: Supermind is the creator of the universe. In Supermind there is oneness in existence, consciousness, will and delight. There is infinite capacity for differentiation of the One but there is no division. Here Truth is the substance. It is the Truth that comes out in the form. There is one truth of knowledge and will. There is one truth of self-fulfilment and delight. There is a self-existent and inalienable harmony in all mutations and combinations of forms in supramental creation.

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