Chapter XV : The Supreme Truth-Consciousness

Study Notes

Paragraph 1

Study Notes One seated in the sleep of Superconscience, a massed Intelligence, blissful and the enjoyer of Bliss. . .. This is the omnipotent, this is the omniscient, this is

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Paragraph 2 – 3

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 2 The Truth-Consciousness is everywhere present in the universe as an ordering self-knowledge by which the One manifests the harmonies of its infinite potential multiplicity. Without this

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Paragraph 4 – 5

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 4 In actual fact Mind measures Time by event and Space by Matter; but it is possible in pure mentality to disregard the movement of event and

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Paragraph 6 – 8

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 6      Different potentialities are embodied, placed, related in this field of Time and Space, each with its powers and possibilities fronting other powers and possibilities,

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Paragraph 9 – 12

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 9      This, then, is the first operative principle of the divine Supermind; it is a cosmic vision which is all-comprehensive, all-pervading, all-inhabiting. Because it comprehends

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Paragraph 13 – 15

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 13      But the Supermind works otherwise. The tree and its process would not be what they are, could not indeed exist, if it were a

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Paragraph 19 & Synopsis

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 19      For the Self still regards itself as one in all and all things as becomings in itself and of itself; the Lord still knows

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