Chapter XVI The Triple Status of Supermind

Study Notes

Paragraph 1 – 3

Study Notes My self is that which supports all beings and constitutes their existence. . .. I am the self which abides within all beings.          

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Paragraph 4 – 6(1st part)

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 4      The intermediate link exists. We call it the Supermind or the Truth-Consciousness, because it is a principle superior to mentality and exists, acts and

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Paragraph 6 – 8

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 6      This, then, is the nature of the Divine Consciousness which creates in itself all things by a movement of its conscious-force and governs their

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Paragraph 9 – 11

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 9      In the second poise of the Supermind the Divine Consciousness stands back in the idea from the movement which it contains, realising it by

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Paragraph 11 – 13

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 11      It may be said that the first consequence would be a lapse into the ignorance of Avidya which takes the Many for the real

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