Chapter XVII The Divine Soul

Study Notes

Paragraph 1 – 4 (1st Part)

Study Notes INTRODUCTION We have been discussing the process of the Absolute, the Sachchidananda, takes a status in what we call the Supermind, before releasing out of this Being this

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Paragraph 4 – 6

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 4      Its consciousness would not be shut out from any part of the infinite truth, nor limited by any poise or status that it might

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Paragraph 7 – 8

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 7      In the extension the divine soul will be aware of the three grades of the supramental existence, not as we are mentally compelled to

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Paragraph 9 – 12

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 9      If we suppose this soul to take its poise, its centre in the consciousness of the individual Divine living and acting in distinct relation

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Paragraph 13 & Synopsis

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 13      But what will be the conditions in which and by which this nature of the life of the divine soul will realise itself? All

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