Chapter XVIII : Mind and Supermind

Study Notes

Paragraph 3 – 5

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 3      But in reality all that we call undivine can only be an action of the four divine principles themselves, such action of them as

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Paragraph 6 – 7

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 6      Mind, first, the chained and hampered sovereign of our human living. Mind in its essence is a consciousness which measures, limits, cuts out forms

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Paragraph 8 – 10

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 8      That apprehending consciousness, the Prajnana, places, as we have seen, the working of the indivisible All, active and formative, as a process and object

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Paragraph 11 – 13

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 11      A new factor, a new action of conscious force is therefore needed to create the operation of a helplessly limited as opposed to a

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Paragraph 14 – 16

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 14      This ignorance is farther deepened for man by his self-identification with the body. To us mind seems to be determined by the body, because

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Paragraph 17 – 18

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 17      It is only when the veil is rent and the divided mind overpowered, silent and passive to a supramental action that mind itself gets

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Paragraph 19 & Synopsis

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 19      Yet is all ignorance and all perversity only the distortion of the truth and right of things and not the play of an absolute

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