Chapter XX : Death, Desire and Incapacity

Study Notes

Paragraph 2 – 4

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 2      But then it appears immediately that as Mind is only a final operation of Supermind, so Life is only a final operation of the

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Paragraph 4 – 6

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 4 (Contd…) The universal life in us, obeying this direction of the soul imprisoned in mind, itself becomes imprisoned in an individual action. It exists and acts

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Paragraph 7 – 9

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 7      Not only so but, again in the language of the Upanishad, the life-force is the food of the body and the body the food

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Paragraph 10 – 12

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 10      But this process is a necessity of that mutual devouring which we see to be the initial law of Life in Matter. Life, says

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Paragraph 12 – 13 & Synopsis

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 12 (Contd…) But the individualised life-force is to its own consciousness limited and full of incapacity; for it has to work not only against the mass of

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Synopsis (contd…)

Study Notes SYNOPSIS (Contd…) Upanishad says life-force is the food of the body; the body is the food of the life-force. Life energy in us supplies the material by which

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