Chapter XXII : The Problem of Life

Study Notes

Paragraph 2 – 4

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 2      This solution has to be sought by the mind, but not by the mind alone; it has to be a solution in Life, in

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Paragraph 5 – 6

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 5      All life depends for its nature on the fundamental poise of its own constituting consciousness; for as the Consciousness is, so will the Force

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Paragraph 7-9

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 7      From the data we have now before us we can see that the difficulties which arise from the imperfect poise of Consciousness and Force

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Paragraph 10-11

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 10      The third difficulty is the division between force and consciousness in the evolutionary existence. There is, first, the division which has been created by

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Paragraph 12-14

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 12      Man, in proportion as he develops into a self-conscious and truly thinking being, becomes acutely aware of all this discord and disparateness in his

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