Chapter XXIII : The Double Soul in Man

Study Notes

Chapter XXIII Para – 6 – 8

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 6     It follows that in this surface or desire-soul there is no true soul-life, but a psychic deformation and wrong reception of the touch of things.

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Chapter XXIII Para – 8 – 9

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 8     For, as we now know by psychological observation and experiment that the subliminal mind receives and remembers all those touches of things which the surface

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Chapter XXIII Para – 10

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 10     The true soul secret in us — subliminal, we have said, but the word is misleading, for this presence is not situated below the threshold

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Chapter XXIII Para – 10 – 11

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 10 (Contd..) On the contrary, where the psychic personality is weak, crude or ill-developed, the finer parts and movements in us are lacking or poor in character

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