Chapter XIII The Divine Maya

Study Notes

Paragraph 2 – 4

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 2      What it produces is itself and can be nothing other than itself; it is working out a play, a rhythm, a development of its

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Paragraph 5 – 8

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 5      It is so that the ancient and eternal truth of Vedanta receives into itself and illumines, justifies and shows us all the meaning of

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Paragraph 9 – 11

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 9      This power was known to the Vedic seers by the name of Maya. Maya meant for them the power of infinite consciousness to comprehend,

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Paragraph 12 – 15

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 12      From our ascending point of view we may say that the Real is behind all that exists; it expresses itself intermediately in an Ideal

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The power of the conscious being in us makes us act and all creation is nothing but self-manifestation of Sachchidananda. In reality, the force that makes an Individual to create,

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Paragraph 16 – 19

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 16      An infinite Mind of this character might possibly construct an accidental cosmos of conflicting possibilities and it might shape it into something shifting, something

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