Chapter XIX : Life

Study Notes

Paragraph 1 – 2

Study Notes Pranic energy is the life of creatures; for that is said to be the universal principle of life.                     

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Paragraph 3 – 6

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 3      But since, as we have now found, Mind is no independent and original entity but only a final operation of the Truth- consciousness or

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Paragraph 7 – 10

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 7      It could be affirmed as a consequence that there is one all-pervading Life or dynamic energy—the material aspect being only its outermost movement—that creates

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Paragraph 10 – 13

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 10 (contd…..)      But if life, however rudimentary in its symptoms, exists in the metal, it must be admitted as present, involved perhaps or elementary and

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Paragraph 13 – 16

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 13 (contd…..) A point comes, however, at which it is no longer possible to restore the suspended activities; and this occurs when either such a lesion has

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Paragraph 16 – 18

Study Notes PARAGRAPH16      What happens when the conscious becomes subconscious in the body or the subconscious becomes conscious? The real difference lies in the absorption of the conscious

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Paragraph 18 – 19

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 18      Apart from all other considerations, this conclusion imposes itself as a logical necessity if we observe even the surface process of the emergence in

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Paragraph 19 & Synopsis

Study Notes PARAGRAPH 19 (contd…) It is an operation of Conscious-Force which is neither the mere formation of substance nor the operation of mind with substance and form as its

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