• The power of the conscious being in us makes us act and all creation is nothing but self-manifestation of Sachchidananda. In reality, the force that makes an Individual to create, the individualised consciousness that uses him, the material he uses and the form that he creates are nothing but Sachchidananda only. Therefore, whatever comes into the world seeks to achieve the goal of completeness of Sat-chit-ananda.
  • There is an involution (going within) and self-absorption (concentration) of conscious being in substance. The imprisoned force in the finite substance emerges into a formal being (Matter), living being (Plants and animals) and a thinking being (Man). The thinking being is released to recover the boundless existence-consciousness-bliss (Sat-chit-ananda). This triple movement (involution, emergence, final release into infinite) is the whole key of the riddle of the world.
  • This triple movement is what the Vedanta conveys to us as the ancient and eternal truth. The Modern theory of evolution is limited by the material nature of the Force and Matter where the inherent truth hidden in them is not revealed outside. Yet, the truth of the modern theory of evolution can reveal its full sense and justification if seen in the light of the Vedantic Truth.
  • We do not know the process by which the Sachchidananda has become this world. It is the intermediary Supermind which enables Sachchidananda to manifest in the lower triple worlds of matter, life and mind. There is a Conscious process involved in it; there is a Conscious Law guiding its process.
  • It is the force that produces the final results of creation in the world. It is the self-truth of Existence (Sat) which determines how the Force (chit shakti) should act and its final goal. The line of action of the Force is decided by the power of self-directive knowledge (Truth) which is inherent in consciousness.
  • Infinite consciousness, in its infinite action can only produce infinite results. While creating finite forms in the world, the infinite chooses a fixed Truth and plans to build a world in conformity with that Truth. This requires a selective faculty of knowledge. This knowledge is the Divine Maya.
  • Vedic seers meant by the word Maya, the power of the Infinite consciousness to include, to contain in itself and to measure out to form. This form with Name and Shape is a delimitation (limiting the limitless) of the vast illimitable Truth of infinite existence. By Maya the static essential being becomes ordered truth of active being.
  • From the supreme being of Oneness, Sachchidananda emerges as the Many. Sachchidananda is in each; each is in Sachchidananda. There is play of existence with existence, consciousness with consciousness, force with force, delight with delight. We are unable to see this truth because we are limited by our mind’s incapacity and the illusion of lower Maya.
  • First, we have to accept this lower Maya and then we have to overcome it. This lower Maya is God’s play with His opposites – division, darkness, desire, strife and suffering. In this process the mental Maya conceals the higher or Divine Maya. Going beyond our mental or lower Maya we have to embrace the Divine Maya.
  • There is link in thought and in the Fact of the universe which connects the lower and the higher Maya. The illusionist philosophies fail to take note of this link. For the Mayavadins it is the mental Maya or an Overmind which created the world. Naturally, a world created by mental Maya would be an inexplicable paradox. Mind is the intermediate term between emerging soul below and the governing knowledge above. It is not the original, secret creatrix.
  • There is Real-Idea behind the creation. This Real-Idea is the power of the Conscious Force (chit shakti) which is the expression of real being (Sat, Existence) and is born out of the real being. The power which creates the worlds is conscious Reality.
  • Truth of conscious being supports the forms in the universe and It expresses Itself in these forms. The knowledge which corresponds to this Truth is seated as supramental Truth-consciousness. In the course of their evolutionary journey, Mind, Life and Body move towards the superior expression of that (Truth-consciousness) that lies Beyond-Mind.
  • There is an ascending scale of evolution from the subconscient matter to the superconscient. At all levels it is the Real (Supermind) that is behind all existence. First comes the Real, then comes the Ideal which translates into a phenomenal reality (the manifested world) of Conscious-being. This conscious-being is inevitably drawn towards the essential Reality (Sachchidananda).
  • The very facts of the of our consciousness, its constitution and its necessity requires a triple order – imperfect reality of human existence, aspiration to harmonise with the Ideal (Truth, Beauty, Love etc) and going beyond the Ideal to transcendent- as a pre-condition.
  • Mind cannot explain the existence in the universe. Mind is not a faculty of knowledge. Mind is a faculty for seeking knowledge. Mind finds knowledge but does not possess it. Mind is like a mirror which only reflects what is already there. It is not the power that guides the existence. Therefore, Mind cannot be the power which created the universe. Nor, can we think of an infinite mind constituted in terms of the usual mentality. It could only create an infinite confusion, clash of chance, accident, leading to an end without any decisive result.
  • Mind can create all possibilities from the facts presented to it. It can present to itself not only the phenomenon that already exists but also the phenomenon that may exist. Yet, mind cannot predict the certainty of occurrence of a future phenomenon unless it an extension of the repetition of the past events.
  • If we consider mind the sole creator of cosmos, it would only result in world rejecting philosophies such as Nihilism (Buddhism) or Illusionism (Mayavada). Such a cosmos created by Mind would not be a true reflection of itself but a false presentation, a distortion.
  • But the moment we find that there is a higher force in the original power of knowledge than our mentality, we would not think that the world is Maya. Mental conception of cosmos is not based on the original truth and the ultimate fact which is hidden behind the appearances.
  • The world represents a foreseen Truth (Truth Consciousness). It is obeying a predetermining will. It is the growing image of a divine creation. There is something behind which governs and controls the action of the Force that has created this world. It is Truth-Consciousness. The forms we see in this universe are gradual unfolding of Truth Consciousness. All motion in the universe is directed towards a divinely seen goal.
  • Reason is only a representative or a shadow of a greater consciousness beyond itself – The Supramental Truth-Consciousness. When we still the activity of mind, go beyond our reasoning to deeper part of ourselves then, this other consciousness becomes really manifest to us. Then, what we had uncertainly understood by our pale and flickering light of Reason, can be known surely in an increasing light. The true Knowledge -Supramental is seated beyond mind and intellectual reasoning.

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